Christmas – what it is to me….

20131210_210016 20131213_181839 20131213_181845 20131213_181904Wow! It’s just 6 days to go before it’s Christmas day!!!!

I’ve been quite busy lately, even too busy to notice myself and I had so much stress pimples on my face- that’s when I know that I really need to slow down and take a break.

I’ve been thinking about Christmas and how this year has come and gone so quickly with so many events – all to thank God for. So I stop to think, what really is this Christmas going to mean to me?

I joined the 4tunes choir at my place of work and have been rehearsing with them. It’s been fun!!!! We sang at a concert last Tuesday and then on Friday at the Victoria station in London for a homeless charity. We were able to raise £1,600 in an hour of singing christmas carols at the station. We even got to sing to some of our colleagues at the christmas lunch in the canteen!!! (See some of the pictures from the concert and the train station.)

It was a lovely experience for me. I actually stumbled on the choir rehearsals by chance and I just couldn’t resist joining and I am glad I did. I believe very much in being a blessing to others and moreso via a tool that I deem to be my primary gift – my voice.

I’ll also be singing at Elim Pentecostal Church – Catford South East London – this Sunday – 22/12/2013. Really looking forward to lifting Jesus up and blessing His church.

I noticed, looking around at how everyone seems to be so excited about it here in London (and I’m sure the rest of the world), that there’s a lot of frenzy about shopping for christmas gifts and the christmas trees and lights on the streets, as well as partying across different offices and locations.

I know some of us may seem like we are not keen on all the unnecessary spending that happens at this time of the year in shopping for gifts for kids and loved ones, christmas turkeys and family dinners,etc. However, I see that there’s more to it than all these.

If you look at it, Christmas time is the period when the entire world seems to be truly excited and glad. Everyone is celebrating! I don’t think we have this sort of atmosphere during any other public holidays the whole year through.
Christmas is welcomed by every ethnicity and religion whether they like it or not, whether they understand it or not.

I see the spirit of giving in this season as a true reflection of what God did for us in giving Jesus to us. As they say, you can give without loving but you cannot love without giving. I pray we let the world around experience the love of God that is shed abroad in our hearts through Jesus this season.

It also is the end of the year – the last week before we roll into a new year! This also gives us the opportunity to close our books, reflect on the current year, open new books, write a new chapter and dream new dreams. I always try to use this period to reflect on what I have done, what I could have done or done better and ways to improve on my life – family, career, calling,ministry, etc.

This season as you celebrate, do take the time to come away from it all, reminisce, think and thank God for where you are now and all He’s helped you accomplish this year and then pray and plan to give more of what He has blessed you with to this generation. It could be your time, your money, your ideas and talents.



I pray this Christmas brings Jesus closer to you and your family and that 2014 marks an outstanding year of great achievements to the glory of God in your life!

Have a lovely Christmas and a successful 2014.

Yours truly,