A Day in the Life of a Worshipping Christian

Wow! It’s such a beautiful thing to be alive and well!
As a child of God, it’s always a privilege to have another chance at life to make an impact on our world for Jesus Christ.
Sometimes, people wake up with sadness or depression because they have so much worry on their mind – bills to pay, illness or one pressing need or the other. No doubt, these things can really weigh one down but I would like to encourage us as worshippers to have a bright outlook and expectation for each day.

But how you may ask? How and what makes my day as a Christian worshipper so different from everyone else’s? Here are some tips to add to your day, to make you a blessing to God, yourself and everyone around you.

1. Start each day giving God some of your time. I know we lead busy lives, between getting ready for work, getting the children ready for school or getting out of the house before 6:00 am to catch your bus/ train in order to make it early to the office. Our default reasoning could be to put our “quiet time” at night before we go to bed. However, I find that making it first thing in the morning before any chores or processes gives me a velvetty feeling of me not being alone and that the Spirit of God is there to guide my path. Isaiah 50:3-5 says He wakens me morning by morning, He wakeneth my ear to hear as one being taught and I have not been rebellious. The Lord Jesus also woke up early before the rest of the disciples to seek the Father’s face before going out to bless those around him, working all those miracles. (Mark 1:35). He’s our best example.

Have you noticed sometimes while¬† you are asleep, just before your normal wake up time, you seem to be praying or singing in your spirit. You also feel a need to just kick off your prayers/ worship since you may be half awake, but you just say to yourself;” it’s 5:30 am and I just need another 30 mins of sleep.”; only to wake up at 6:30 and you literally jump out of bed, in and out the bathroom and out the door. You may even just manage to mutter some words of prayer while brushing your teeth! Hmm, yes, I know the feeling. Been there, done that. That’s why it’s much better to respond to those early nudges of the Holy Spirit telling me I can wake up now and start to worship even if its 30mins before my normal routine.

2. Try to read some scripture before the day gets too busy. Our Christian lives depend vitally on what we take in. There’s so much information, sounds and all, clamoring for our attention during the day, whether we look for it or not -the news, magazines, music, etc. It’s critical we get into our spirits, a word from the Lord through the bible to brighten up our day. His word is a light unto our feet and a lamp onto our path (Psalm 119:105). It gives us assurance and direction for the day. It helps us know what God’s will is for our daily living.

3. Forgive people readily and easily. In any 24hr period, we are bound to get our feelings hurt by people – colleagues, friends, family, even our spouses or loved ones. Sometimes, it could hurt so much enough to ruin our entire day. Make up your mind to readily let go of hurts and offences. Offences can cloud our judgement and emotions and cause us to make wrong decisions.
4. You could wait on the Lord at least once a week -even if its just till 12:00 noon!
5. Always engage the Holy Spirit in the course of your day. When walking, talking, thinking, ask for His help to say and do the right thing.
6. Listen to good music to help lift your spirit.
7. Determine in your heart to be a blessing. Give a smile, a praise, or even a hug to someone who needs it. I’ve met some people at the shopping mall and just started a conversation maybe because of my kids and I listened to their story and gave them a hug and that brought tears to their eyes and they thanked me for just listening and sharing Jesus.

I pray this blesses your day. God bless your week ahead.

Your friend,

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