About Me

Vorkay  is the literal pronunciation of the Urhobo African name “Voke” which means “With Time”. It comes from the full Name “Emuejevoke” which means everything with time or literally, there is time for everything.

Vorkay is a Christian singer/ songwriter called to inspire a passion for lively worship in the church and lives of believers across the world. She has served in worship teams and choirs both large and small where she has evolved into the quintessential worshipper she now is. Vorkay is coming to listeners with a personal testimony of the impact that a no-holds-barred approach to worship can generate. She believes strongly that Christian singers and musicians should spare nothing to lead God’s people into His presence through lush, lavish and life changing worship beyond the point of ostentation!

Allowing God’s presence hold sway and be felt when and wherever God’s people gather in worship is always the longing of her heart.

Vorkay also believes strongly in helping other believers lead a godly and victorious life on a day-to-day basis. She likes to emphasize that everyone has the right to succeed and that a daily walk with God can guarantee this. She loves to challenge and motivate youngsters, youths and friends to this kind of loving and rich relationship with God.

She has written a number of songs already used for praise/ worship and special renditions in the local churches she served but never had any recorded until now. Her first single titled “My Time Has Come” has just been released.

Vorkay is happily married to Shina Adeleke and they live in London, United Kingdom with their three lovely children.