He Can Do Both

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Hello Family,
May the joy of the Lord be your strength now and always.

There were two houses in the same neighbourhood where the inhabitants knew little of each other. They probably lived on separate streets and had an experience about the same period of time, they never thought much of it.

The lady in street A suddenly realised that her periodic cycle was taking longer than usual. She hoped for some weeks that things would return to normal.
The family on street B heard the cry of their beautiful baby girl as she was born. They hoped and prayed for the best for her as they watched her grow daily. She was their joy and hope.

Oftentimes the lady would see the little girl and her mother when they met at the shops and they would exchange smiles. Little did she know that each time she saw that little girl as she grew, was an indication of how long she had been carrying her infirmity and hoping for it to come to an end.

The little girl turned 12 and her parents prayed for her to be nothing but the best. Quietly in the next street, the lady had endured 12 years of loss and humiliation and stigmatization yet she prayed that God would end her affliction.

Then suddenly on one faithful day, the girl became so ill that her parents feared they may lose their hope and joy…. This child had always been a pleasure watching her grow. Their investments in her education, the hopes and dreams her father and mother had for her were being threatened…
The father said to himself, no! God has to come through for our daughter so He went in search of Jesus. The neighbourhood had heard so much about this Jesus and they came out in their numbers to catch a glimpse of Him and possibly touch him and feel him to see if He was real.
The lady in street A heard the noise, she asked a passerby, “what’s all the noise about?” They told her; “Jesus is coming here.” Immediately, hope gave birth to faith in her heart as her heart started to pound. “Could this be my chance to get this healing finally?” She thought. She believed it was her day and she pressed on through the crowd that had now gathered and touched the helm of Jesus garment and then….. the blood stopped!

Jarius, the father of the sick girl who had brought Jesus into the neighbourhood was anxious, “I hope He still has some anointing saved for my daughter….” he thought; and then news came from his house that his dream, his daughter was dead! “Don’t waste Jesus time anymore. It’s already too late.” He was told.

Jesus assured Him, “you called me here to restore your hopes and dreams, to make your joy full. Let me assure you, I can do both. Heal the lady that has endured 12 years of bleeding and restore your 12 year old daughter in one day. Yes, I have more than enough to make both lives completely restored.” And He did! Hallelujah!!!!

I would like to encourage you- whether you have been having a wonderful time in your life attaining your goals and dreams and suddenly something is trying to change God’s plan for your life or you have been suffering in silence for so long, waiting for change to come, for your healing to be complete or your victory to be permanent, Jesus is here right now and He can do both. Just reach out in faith. Your hope will not fail.

Much love,

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