He Can Do Both

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Hello Family,
May the joy of the Lord be your strength now and always.

There were two houses in the same neighbourhood where the inhabitants knew little of each other. They probably lived on separate streets and had an experience about the same period of time, they never thought much of it.

The lady in street A suddenly realised that her periodic cycle was taking longer than usual. She hoped for some weeks that things would return to normal.
The family on street B heard the cry of their beautiful baby girl as she was born. They hoped and prayed for the best for her as they watched her grow daily. She was their joy and hope.

Oftentimes the lady would see the little girl and her mother when they met at the shops and they would exchange smiles. Little did she know that each time she saw that little girl as she grew, was an indication of how long she had been carrying her infirmity and hoping for it to come to an end.

The little girl turned 12 and her parents prayed for her to be nothing but the best. Quietly in the next street, the lady had endured 12 years of loss and humiliation and stigmatization yet she prayed that God would end her affliction.

Then suddenly on one faithful day, the girl became so ill that her parents feared they may lose their hope and joy…. This child had always been a pleasure watching her grow. Their investments in her education, the hopes and dreams her father and mother had for her were being threatened…
The father said to himself, no! God has to come through for our daughter so He went in search of Jesus. The neighbourhood had heard so much about this Jesus and they came out in their numbers to catch a glimpse of Him and possibly touch him and feel him to see if He was real.
The lady in street A heard the noise, she asked a passerby, “what’s all the noise about?” They told her; “Jesus is coming here.” Immediately, hope gave birth to faith in her heart as her heart started to pound. “Could this be my chance to get this healing finally?” She thought. She believed it was her day and she pressed on through the crowd that had now gathered and touched the helm of Jesus garment and then….. the blood stopped!

Jarius, the father of the sick girl who had brought Jesus into the neighbourhood was anxious, “I hope He still has some anointing saved for my daughter….” he thought; and then news came from his house that his dream, his daughter was dead! “Don’t waste Jesus time anymore. It’s already too late.” He was told.

Jesus assured Him, “you called me here to restore your hopes and dreams, to make your joy full. Let me assure you, I can do both. Heal the lady that has endured 12 years of bleeding and restore your 12 year old daughter in one day. Yes, I have more than enough to make both lives completely restored.” And He did! Hallelujah!!!!

I would like to encourage you- whether you have been having a wonderful time in your life attaining your goals and dreams and suddenly something is trying to change God’s plan for your life or you have been suffering in silence for so long, waiting for change to come, for your healing to be complete or your victory to be permanent, Jesus is here right now and He can do both. Just reach out in faith. Your hope will not fail.

Much love,

Thank You

about-vorkayWe are just a couple of hours before we bid farewell to 2013 and welcome in 2014….I have been thinking about the events that took place in my life this year and in the lives of people around me – my family, friends and loved ones and life in general.

It’s been an exciting year, not that it didn’t have challenges and things that made me cry sometimes, but it’s been amazing to see God’s hands at work through the tough times and the good times too.

My mentor – Rev. Sam Adeyemi- always asks the entire church at Daystar, Nigeria, to get their goals written down and brought to the church service on the 31st of December watch night service so we can all pray and handover our goals to God before the year starts. Even though I’ve been  living in London nearly 6 years now (I still join in online, wink!) , I do follow his principles and get my goals ready for the service- at least I try to! I might scribble them while the service is going on, I need to do better actually.

You know how it feels when you set out goals and sometimes don’t even have a clue as to how you will begin to achieve them but you know you really need to make certain changes and see certain things happen in your life…. This was one of such years and to see God actually taking those goals from me and catapulting me into results is beyond what I can express. All I want to say is thank You Lord for helping me.

I want to encourage you today that even if you did set out your goals and some of them did not materialize, it’s a new day to raise your hopes up again and dream all over. It may be that we need to change our way of thinking, our habits, our philosophies, our relationships, our beliefs, in order to see the needed change and dream come true in our lives. It may even be that it’s going to be really big and so it’s just taking longer to cook properly!!!

Ezekiel 47:3-5 talks of when the angel of God measured out 1000 cubits of distance from  the river that flowed from the temple and led Ezekiel through different water levels – ankle, knee, waist deep and then eventually water that he could not cross over but swim in. God will be measuring out opportunities for you to come closer to Him and opportunities for you to prosper and achieve your life’s goals. He will also be leading you through the opportunities that He has made available for you. I urge you dear friend, walk with Him, don’t fear, as long as He’s the one who made the way, then rest assured that He’s got your back!  Allow Him to lead you and guide you into your victory, your promised land. You will succeed!!!!

So I dedicate the rest of this piece to saying thank you to Jesus for His awesomeness, to my husband – Shina for his love and support, our children for being wonderful angels, my family for constantly praying for me, my band members – Lifestream –  for starting out with me on this amazing journey and helping me live my dreams and you my dearest friends and fans for your love and support and prayers.

I pray 2014 brings you and yours closer to knowing and experiencing the love of God through Jesus Christ our Lord for without Him, life could not be worth living.

I love you all dearly, see you in 2014!!!!!

Your friend,




Christmas – what it is to me….

20131210_210016 20131213_181839 20131213_181845 20131213_181904Wow! It’s just 6 days to go before it’s Christmas day!!!!

I’ve been quite busy lately, even too busy to notice myself and I had so much stress pimples on my face- that’s when I know that I really need to slow down and take a break.

I’ve been thinking about Christmas and how this year has come and gone so quickly with so many events – all to thank God for. So I stop to think, what really is this Christmas going to mean to me?

I joined the 4tunes choir at my place of work and have been rehearsing with them. It’s been fun!!!! We sang at a concert last Tuesday and then on Friday at the Victoria station in London for a homeless charity. We were able to raise £1,600 in an hour of singing christmas carols at the station. We even got to sing to some of our colleagues at the christmas lunch in the canteen!!! (See some of the pictures from the concert and the train station.)

It was a lovely experience for me. I actually stumbled on the choir rehearsals by chance and I just couldn’t resist joining and I am glad I did. I believe very much in being a blessing to others and moreso via a tool that I deem to be my primary gift – my voice.

I’ll also be singing at Elim Pentecostal Church – Catford South East London – this Sunday – 22/12/2013. Really looking forward to lifting Jesus up and blessing His church.

I noticed, looking around at how everyone seems to be so excited about it here in London (and I’m sure the rest of the world), that there’s a lot of frenzy about shopping for christmas gifts and the christmas trees and lights on the streets, as well as partying across different offices and locations.

I know some of us may seem like we are not keen on all the unnecessary spending that happens at this time of the year in shopping for gifts for kids and loved ones, christmas turkeys and family dinners,etc. However, I see that there’s more to it than all these.

If you look at it, Christmas time is the period when the entire world seems to be truly excited and glad. Everyone is celebrating! I don’t think we have this sort of atmosphere during any other public holidays the whole year through.
Christmas is welcomed by every ethnicity and religion whether they like it or not, whether they understand it or not.

I see the spirit of giving in this season as a true reflection of what God did for us in giving Jesus to us. As they say, you can give without loving but you cannot love without giving. I pray we let the world around experience the love of God that is shed abroad in our hearts through Jesus this season.

It also is the end of the year – the last week before we roll into a new year! This also gives us the opportunity to close our books, reflect on the current year, open new books, write a new chapter and dream new dreams. I always try to use this period to reflect on what I have done, what I could have done or done better and ways to improve on my life – family, career, calling,ministry, etc.

This season as you celebrate, do take the time to come away from it all, reminisce, think and thank God for where you are now and all He’s helped you accomplish this year and then pray and plan to give more of what He has blessed you with to this generation. It could be your time, your money, your ideas and talents.



I pray this Christmas brings Jesus closer to you and your family and that 2014 marks an outstanding year of great achievements to the glory of God in your life!

Have a lovely Christmas and a successful 2014.

Yours truly,



A Day in the Life of a Worshipping Christian

Wow! It’s such a beautiful thing to be alive and well!
As a child of God, it’s always a privilege to have another chance at life to make an impact on our world for Jesus Christ.
Sometimes, people wake up with sadness or depression because they have so much worry on their mind – bills to pay, illness or one pressing need or the other. No doubt, these things can really weigh one down but I would like to encourage us as worshippers to have a bright outlook and expectation for each day.

But how you may ask? How and what makes my day as a Christian worshipper so different from everyone else’s? Here are some tips to add to your day, to make you a blessing to God, yourself and everyone around you.

1. Start each day giving God some of your time. I know we lead busy lives, between getting ready for work, getting the children ready for school or getting out of the house before 6:00 am to catch your bus/ train in order to make it early to the office. Our default reasoning could be to put our “quiet time” at night before we go to bed. However, I find that making it first thing in the morning before any chores or processes gives me a velvetty feeling of me not being alone and that the Spirit of God is there to guide my path. Isaiah 50:3-5 says He wakens me morning by morning, He wakeneth my ear to hear as one being taught and I have not been rebellious. The Lord Jesus also woke up early before the rest of the disciples to seek the Father’s face before going out to bless those around him, working all those miracles. (Mark 1:35). He’s our best example.

Have you noticed sometimes while  you are asleep, just before your normal wake up time, you seem to be praying or singing in your spirit. You also feel a need to just kick off your prayers/ worship since you may be half awake, but you just say to yourself;” it’s 5:30 am and I just need another 30 mins of sleep.”; only to wake up at 6:30 and you literally jump out of bed, in and out the bathroom and out the door. You may even just manage to mutter some words of prayer while brushing your teeth! Hmm, yes, I know the feeling. Been there, done that. That’s why it’s much better to respond to those early nudges of the Holy Spirit telling me I can wake up now and start to worship even if its 30mins before my normal routine.

2. Try to read some scripture before the day gets too busy. Our Christian lives depend vitally on what we take in. There’s so much information, sounds and all, clamoring for our attention during the day, whether we look for it or not -the news, magazines, music, etc. It’s critical we get into our spirits, a word from the Lord through the bible to brighten up our day. His word is a light unto our feet and a lamp onto our path (Psalm 119:105). It gives us assurance and direction for the day. It helps us know what God’s will is for our daily living.

3. Forgive people readily and easily. In any 24hr period, we are bound to get our feelings hurt by people – colleagues, friends, family, even our spouses or loved ones. Sometimes, it could hurt so much enough to ruin our entire day. Make up your mind to readily let go of hurts and offences. Offences can cloud our judgement and emotions and cause us to make wrong decisions.
4. You could wait on the Lord at least once a week -even if its just till 12:00 noon!
5. Always engage the Holy Spirit in the course of your day. When walking, talking, thinking, ask for His help to say and do the right thing.
6. Listen to good music to help lift your spirit.
7. Determine in your heart to be a blessing. Give a smile, a praise, or even a hug to someone who needs it. I’ve met some people at the shopping mall and just started a conversation maybe because of my kids and I listened to their story and gave them a hug and that brought tears to their eyes and they thanked me for just listening and sharing Jesus.

I pray this blesses your day. God bless your week ahead.

Your friend,

What is my Worship?

Okay, so I have been thinking about this topic for close to 3 months now ( I think)!
What really is my worship? What do I mean when I say I am a worshipper?
What makes me a worshipper of Jesus Christ/ God Almighty?
Why do I love the Lord and want to sing His praises daily?

I really want to be real with myself. If there’s anything I hate the most, it’s self-deception.
Growing up, I gave my life to Christ at about age 10, got baptized in water and in the Holy Ghost at age 11.
But when I got to the age of 14, I got introduced to the experience of hearing the voice of God through the Holy Spirit through some of my friends in secondary school.
I was really interested in this possibility of hearing God’s voice. So when I got home and tried to practice what I had just been told, I went on my knees and said,”Lord, I was told that You speak to us and we can be able to hear your voice. I would love to hear Your voice, please, speak to me, but I won’t pretend to have heard Your voice if I don’t hear it, I want You to be real with me”. And He did speak to me and started me on a new journey in my love for the Lord.

So many years have passed since that first experience and I’ve loved hearing His voice guiding me in every area of my life and O what joy it brings to me.

But today I ask myself this question: What is my worship? What makes my life and my singing different from any other person? Why am I a Christian?
I got the answer from listening to Darlene Zschech. The heart is what makes the difference between singing and worshipping.
As my mentor – Rev. Sam Adeyemi- says, the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart.

My worship is me living every single day of my life giving my heart to Jesus.

If all my living and acts and actions are separated from my heart, then I am not worshipping.
Giving my heart is an act of trust- just like falling in love, giving your heart to the one you love and trusting that someone loves you back. That’s why it hurts so much when people get heartbroken.
The beautiful thing is we can count on God not to break our hearts, He’s the mender of broken hearts.

My worship is not me doing all the things I know to do just because it is expected of me by people, its simply because I have given my heart, committed it to loving Jesus. That drives my waking moment.
My worship is not me going to church because I have to, but because I really want to be there and enjoy God in the presence of people who love Him.
My worship is not me serving God just because of the material blessings I can get. If there’s one thing I want more than anything else, it’s to have His continued guidance for my present and future.
Jesus knows the way – actually, He is the Way! I don’t want to miss it and waste my time and life going in circles. Since Jesus is the way, I give Him my heart, show me where this future should go.
My worship is me allowing God to take this broken vessel and mould it into what He wants it to be in order to be a blessing to the lives around me.

Some of us are afraid of committing our hearts even to relationships because we don’t want to appear vulnerable.
I would love to encourage us that you can only be as real as you can get when you give your heart away, moreso when it’s giving it over to Jesus. You can never go wrong loving genuinely.

My worship is me allowing the love of God to flow from me to others around me – family, friends and everyone I come across – in such a way that brings brightness to their lives.
My worship is me loving people and using things and not loving things and using people.
My worship is me giving honour to my parents and those God has placed above me and showing the younger ones how to do the same.
My worship is me helping the needy and putting a smile on their faces. That’s what Jesus would do.

Doing all these from the bottom of my heart- with sincerity, to the glory of God is what true worship is….

So to sum it up, true worship, the one I give to Jesus, is me engaging my heart to loving and living for Him everyday and in everyway. I hope this blesses someone today.

Lots of love,